Managing Client Contact Safely Under COVID Alert 2

As a financial advice business, we resumed business in accord with Worksafe and Public Health requirements
for client safety and care.
Under Alert Level 2 we are now permitted to conduct business with our clients and prospective clients. However,
we all need to be careful and take heed of the risk that remains.

What We Have Put In Place To Keep You Safe?


If we are unwell, or we are personally associated with a Covid-19 risk we will postpone our appointment and
visit with you. Please do the same.

Physical Distancing

We will all need to refrain from physical contact such as handshaking, embracing, kissing, or hongi, but we can
smile and wave to show our appreciation.
We will all maintain a one-metre physical distance when you visit our premises, or office, or if we visit you at
We advise that the number of people in a meeting or interview room, or in your home should be limited
according to the size of the room, so we can maintain the physical distancing requirement.

Special gatherings of up to 100 people can be arranged as long as we all stick to the one metre physical
distance rule and apply public health hygiene practices.
We have limited our travel and we are restricted to one person per vehicle to keep our physical distance. This
may place some limitations on when we can set up an appointment. However, while we are working within the
COVID Alert Level 2 restrictions, we will also be making your convenience a priority.


We have instituted some hygiene practices in our business premises to limit the risk of contamination. For
example, we won’t share equipment, such as pens and phones, and we will use a disposable disinfectant wipe
after each visit on the furniture and door handles. We will adhere to the hygiene protocols you have
implemented in your home.
If you have personal protection equipment such as hand sanitiser, gloves or masks you prefer to use we will
abide by your home protocols on the use of these items and others you deem necessary to keep you safe.


Contact Tracing

We will provide the details of our contact and visit with you for contact tracing. We will also collect your details
for the same purpose. These will be treated as confidential and kept in a secure place. The information will be
destroyed after two months.

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