I have been working with Christine for many years. Together, we created an investment portfolio that suited me. As a widow, I was worried about this big financial step, but Christine made me feel at ease and has guided me through the whole process.  I highly recommend Christine to anyone who is not feeling confident in the financial markets or just wanting help with the next step.


For many years, I’ve worked with Christine on complex matters. Once we defined my objectives, we were able to build a long-term plan that has helped me get back on track and achieve my goals.


As an older person, I was concerned about investing funds.  I knew nothing about shares, investment markets or portfolios.  Christine showed me the way and we have now been working together for well over a decade.  I completely recommend her to anyone who is wanting to secure their financial future.

Jack and Heather

Once we hit retirement, we knew we needed guidance on how to get the best from our savings and live off our funds.  Christine projected how long our funds would last, gave advice on where to place the funds and managed the whole process.  We are now 12 years into retirement and could not be happier as we continue to work with Christine.

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