Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs?

I offer a free, no obligation meeting to discuss your current financial position and any areas that need attention.  This first meeting sets the foundations of where I can help and from there, I will be able to explain any fees that may be incurred before you incur them.  In fact, many services are free such as KiwiSaver advice or insurance advice.  So, there is nothing to lose by booking a meeting and starting the process.

Will my money be locked in?

I do not place investment funds into locked in schemes.  Most investment portfolios can be liquidated and paid back to the client within 3 weeks.  KiwiSaver is however locked in by Government regulations until retirement age or buying your first home.

Have I got enough money to warrant going to a Financial Adviser?

Not everyone has a lump sum to invest.  You may have just repaid your mortgage and now have regular savings to invest for retirement.  Or you may have surplus cashflow from your income that you want to save for a longer-term goal.  There is no minimum and financial advice is worthwhile for everyone.  In fact, research completed by the Financial Markets Authority in NZ showed that New Zealanders that get financial advice receive on average 4% better investment returns.  New Zealanders how seek financial advice travel more, save more and overall have more.  They feel confident and more financially secure.

Can I lose the money I invest?

Financial Advisers are now heavily regulated in New Zealand.  The anecdotes of 20 years ago are very unlikely to be repeated.  Also, each client is assessed individually.  A risk assessment is completed on each client to work out where is the best place to invest their funds.  It must suit you and your attitude to risk.  So, your funds will never be put at more risk than what feels right to you.